Thursday, March 10, 2011


We made this recipe for a team building activity, was so fun, and our team won the "master chef award", we were at take a look if you live in Seattle.

La mousee au chocolat

180 gr. de chocolate negro de 70% de cacao     180 grams Dark (bitter) Chocolate 70% Cocoa

60 gr de mantequilla        60 grams Butter

2 yemas de huevo, aprox. 40 gr.      2 egg yolk aproximately 40 grams

5 claras de huevos, aprox. 150 grms      5 egg white aproximately 150 grams

50 gr. de azúcar     50 grams of sugar

10 ml de jugo de limón. 10 ml lemon juice or a pinch or cream tartar

Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a double boiler, set aside, and add in butter, mix till is totally integrated then and add the egg yolk, remove an set aside.

In the bowl of a mixer add the egg whites, foam a little, add sugar and continue beating, until increase three times the volume, add pinch of cream of tartar or lemon.
Add to the chocolate mixture 1 third of egg whites and combine with ascendent movements, continue integrating till have a well combine mixture. Pour in an serving dish an refrigerate, decorate with mint leaves and raspberries.
Fundir el chocolate en un baño-maría. Retirar del fuego, agregarle las yemas y la mantequilla. Mezclar enérgicamente. En un bowl colocar las claras el azúcar y el jugo de limón. Batir a punto de nieve. Unir en forma envolvente las dos mezclas.